Genius Hour Update

Last week Daniel and I decided we would make slime, a super bouncy ball, pop and mentos, and plastic milk so last week I went over to Dan’s house and we got started. First, we tried to make a super bouncy ball using borax, water, and glue which makes a compound very similar to that of slime. First we put borax powder in water, then we put glue in a cup, and last we mixed them both together, but this isn’t as easy as it sounds because we had to make the precise measurements so the experiment would work. After a long time of shaking and beating the bag like it said in the direction we dumped out the water and took out this gooey substance which was not at all hard like a bouncy ball and was not even bouncy. Since it didn’t solidify we kept beating it and trying to get it solid, but for some reason it would just not work. Next, we tried to make glue which is pretty much the same process, but we us corn starch along with borax. After we went through the process the same thing happened to the slime as the bouncy ball so Dan and I were getting annoyed. Luckily Dan’s mom is a chemist and she told us that we should try not using any borax powder, so taking her advice we did just that and after about thirty minutes we had perfect slime. Since just making and redoing the process in front of the camera took so long we ended up not being able to do all of the other experiments so that’s is what we will be doing next week.

Slime like the one we made
Slime like the one we made and photo by iSlime


My Progress

Image by Jen
Image by Jen: It’s a potato gun similar to the one Dan and I shot off

Daniel Leigh and I have been trying to do ten experiments in eight weeks and our progress was huge. Dan and I met on a Saturday afternoon and we decided to try out pop and mento’s, hairspray and a lighter, and the citrus fruit experiment. First, we tried pop and mento’s and since it was a windy day outside it was difficult since the pop kept spilling over, but we managed to get it to work and it went well. Next, we did the candle and citrus fruit experiment in Daniel’s bathroom in the dark and we found out that an orange holds more Limonene in its peel than any other citrus fruit. In fact, the lime didn’t even catch flame. All the juice did was squirt past the flame and hit the counter. After that, we tried the hairspray and lighter experiment with his dads supervision, but the flame kept going out and we decided to do the experiment a different day. Then, Daniel and his dad brought out a gigantic potato gun which is actually a fascinating reaction between a flame and a flammable chemical that Dan’s dad sprayed onto the potato gun and we also did an experiment to prove that if you tap the middle of a pop can after it has been shaken a bunch there is no eruption of bubbles from the pop and it loses its fizz. Next week we plan to experiment with slime, dry ice, and retry the pop and mento’s with different pops to see which pop will shoot the farthest. Even though we are doing three experiments on Sunday we are still thinking of more.




My College Trip

My college visit was amazing. I went to BVU since my interests seemed to be business and law enforcement. I had never been to BVU before and what I saw there surprised me. First, the campus was really amazing and it was bigger than I expected. Next, there was a huge arch at the middle of BVU and it was what was the left for a fire and when students firs arrive there hey walk through the arch and when they are done with their four years of college they walk through the arch again and it is said that if they walk through the arch more than twice then they will spend more than four years at BVU. After we got there My group of eight people met up with one of the college school girls who was our guide and she first showed us the dorm rooms which had cable, the Cafeteria, and the lounges first. Then, we got to eat a all you can eat buffet which I got ice cream, pop, french fries, and pizza and it was so yummy. After that, we got to see the taxidermist hallway which had hundreds of different animals and then we went to see the football field and the workout room. BVU is definitely up in my top colleges

photo by Brett
photo by Brett                                                              The BVU mascot is a beaver.


Genius Hour

My genius hour is going to be very exciting. I am working with Daniel Leigh and we will be doing individual experiments. We will be doing the first three experiments tomorrow at Daniel’s house.

The first experiment is Pop and Mentos which is actually a very interesting experiment when you discover what makes it work. Next, we will be doing a experiment with citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, and cuties. Also, we will need a candle and a lighter. The first thing you do is cut off the peel of each. After that, you light the candle. Then you take the peel off of each fruit and you spray it over each candle and right when the juice of the peel goes over the candle it catches on fire and expands. The reason it does this is because of a oil called Limonene that has a formula of C10H16 and is a renewable bio fuel. Limonene is found in all citrus fruits peel and not inside the fruit. The first time I tried this experiment I didn’t know I was supposed to use the peel instead of the actual food part and the experiment failed.

The third experiment we are going to do tomorrow is experiment with dry ice which is the solid form of Carbon Dioxide and in this experiment Daniel will primarily take over since he knows exactly what to do where as I do not. I don’t know what makes dry ice solid, but it will be cool to find out. Last, we will be making all ten of our experiments into a movie with a movie app that Daniel has to his computer and we hope to be able to show the whole class when we are finished with our project.

Photo by Robin Hutton
Photo by
Robin Hutton

Spring Break

My spring break was pretty good. First, right when school ended on the Friday when it started my family and I went up to Minnesota to see my grandma. When we got there we were surprised to see  that my uncle and my cousin from Arizona came down and had tickets for Mall of America for us, so the next day on Saturday we went to Mall of America and rode rides the whole entire day. My favorite ride was the Spongebob roller coaster. My brothers and I rode it three times in a row before we got dizzy. Next, we were surprised to see that Mall of America had added a new ride called the Shredder, which was just a ride that swung people around many times in the air. After that, we went home on Tuesday since my other cousins had come down from Minnesota and we played with them. Then, on Thursday my brother, my dad and I went to see Superman vs. Batman and it was amazing. Last, we went to church on Friday and then on Sunday it was Easter. For Easter we had a egg hunt at my house, my grandmas, and my aunts were my family and I have one every year. I got so much candy that that day I got a stomach ache.

Image by Richard Hemmer
Image by Richard Hemmer


Make a link

1. My first person was Todd K. He likes playing video games and sports. His favorite football team is the Denver Broncos. 2. My next person was Emma her favorite time with her family is a holiday at finlands levi, they go swimming together and play together she really liked that time. 3. Another person I did was Mimmi, her favorite time with her family was when they went japan because they can eat lot’s of food. They went many places. 4. The fourth person I did was Yu Dam and his favorite time was having picnic with his mom. 5. My fifth person was Nickr who wrote a scary story about Halloween. 6. A sad blog I read was Erics, her moms grandfather died in the winter holiday and her mom loved him. 7. My seventh person was Mark. His favorite time was when his parents woke him up once to see the last match of Germany on Argentina. His mom rushed to the bar and left them because she was so excited and Germany one. 8. M eight person was Gabriel. His grandpa passed away last January. He loved her a lot. She bought them ice cream and treats. 9. My next person is a girl named Ava. Her teacher just had a baby at 11:15 one night. It’s a girl and she’s really cute. 10. My very last person is Madison. She loves animals especially sharks and she plays minecraft.

Week 10

1.I wrote 5 posts

2.All of them were school posts

3.I received 6 comments

4.My egg pancakes one because Dan was making fun of it

5.I enjoyed my nature post the best because I love nature

6.I changed themes a lot because I like pumpkins for Halloween and Santa for Christmas

7.I had a couple widgets because I like my blog to look cool

8.I have ten overseas students on my blog roll

9.I didn’t use any web tools


1. The blogs theme was a little late since Halloween is over

2. The egg pancakes because because I like pancakes

3. The picture of the pancakes and that there’s a link to a game sight on your call to action

4. Change the theme to Christmas




My favorite part of nature is camping and getting to see it first hand. Last summer my family and I went to South Dakota and we camped there in a tent for 3 days. It was amazing. We went to see Mt. Rushmore and of course all the tourist attractions, but camping was my favorite. It was my first time and we met our cousins there and camped with them. We had three tents set up, a fire place, water sprout, a picnic table, and next to the camp sight was a river and tall mountains that I could climb. When I was in South Dakota I also saw a fat bird sitting on a branch and I guess it was pregnant. After the three days in South Dakota we went to Yellowstone.

We camped at a sight like the one in South Dakota, but there was a lake that was really long and we swam across it where there were rocks that we jumped off of. Next we went to Old faithful geyser that was so cool to see. The water shot so high up! Next we went to the tar pits and for some reason there was a ton of bison on the side of the rode. There was at least two hundred crossing the road and pretty soon the rode was full of cars.

Then later while we were driving to our camp sight there was a small crowd of people on the side of the rode and apparently there was a mama bear and two of her cubs in the ditch and i was about 5 yards away from them taking pictures. Soon there was a ton of people looking at the bears and the bears started walking away and then soon quickly turned toward the road and ran straight at people and everyone was yelling and running away and the bear ran up this little mound and ran away. I love nature!

Jean-Guy Dallaire
Jean-Guy Dallaire

* Two bears

Partha Chowdhury
Partha Chowdhuryw

* Old faithful erupting

Egg pancakes


In my family we have a food called EGG PANCAKES. All it is is you mix up a bunch of eggs put them on pan and when they get hot and crisp you take them off and then you can put syrup and sugar on them. The place that we eat them is at my grandmas house, they are her specialty. Whenever our cousins come down and stay at her house or we stay at her house the first thing they do is ask her for egg pancakes. I usually eat six. I can make them now because my grandma taught me and mostly because they are not that hard but hers are just the best. When we were kids we used to go down to her house just because we knew she would make us egg pancakes. We don´t just eat them like pancakes. After we have put what we want on them we roll them up into a soft shell taco like figure and I think that makes them even better. My mom does not make them because she does not have the right pan she claims even though she could just go out and buy one, but my grandma only lives a couple blocks away so I can just go there all the time and ask for them.

My Grandpas


PROQuinn Dombrowski Follow
PROQuinn Dombrowski Follow

My grandpa died last year about a week before his birthday. He was my idle, we went to football, basketball, and softball games together. I never appreciated him until he died and I often wish I could get a second chance with him but I can´t. Everyone in my family always thought I was his favorite because I was the only person he wanted to go to softball games with. He always came to my sporting events even when he was unhealthy and unwell he still got his oxygen tank and got wheeled around at my basketball tournaments. Then later that month I went up to Minnesota yet to find that my other grandpa was dead. I never knew and appreciated him as well as the other grandpa because he lived about five blocks away and this was lived in Minnesota but I still loved him with my life. Having both my grandpas die in the same month did an impact on my life because I always looked up to them and they were the ones that always got me out of trouble. I loved and still love my grandpas.