Raise Your Voice

I have not have any bad experiences with bullying except when I was in fifth grade a lot of the times I used the bathroom there was this kid who would always want to fight me and he would push me. Both of my little brothers have been bullied. One time was when My little brother Ryan was riding his bike by Cooper Elementary School some days he biked there there were kids that would yell at him. They had a friend named Michael at Cooper who this one bigger kid would go up to him and he actually punched Michael for no reason and he always picked on him even when he told his parents and the parents talked to the other kids parents. Now Michael had so much problems at cooper that he now goes to St. Eds. I have seen kids get bullied at school and I have told the teachers except one time my friend Ethan was getting bullied by another kid and I should of told someone but I did not and Ethan thought he could solve the problems on his own so one day the kid kept calling him gay and other word so Ethan did the worst thing he could of and threw a punch and the kid was bigger than him and beat Ethan up right in P.E. I ran over there but I was at the other side of the gym and when the teacher sorted out the fight Ethan was bleeding and had broken glasses and bruises. I could have prevented it if only I told someone. That is why I think bullying is something that needs to be stopped and people need to speak up like I should of and Things like what happened to Ethan could have been prevented.


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