Genius Hour

My genius hour is going to be very exciting. I am working with Daniel Leigh and we will be doing individual experiments. We will be doing the first three experiments tomorrow at Daniel’s house.

The first experiment is Pop and Mentos which is actually a very interesting experiment when you discover what makes it work. Next, we will be doing a experiment with citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, and cuties. Also, we will need a candle and a lighter. The first thing you do is cut off the peel of each. After that, you light the candle. Then you take the peel off of each fruit and you spray it over each candle and right when the juice of the peel goes over the candle it catches on fire and expands. The reason it does this is because of a oil called Limonene that has a formula of C10H16¬†and is a renewable bio fuel. Limonene is found in all citrus fruits peel and not inside the fruit. The first time I tried this experiment I didn’t know I was supposed to use the peel instead of the actual food part and the experiment failed.

The third experiment we are going to do tomorrow is experiment with dry ice which is the solid form of Carbon Dioxide and in this experiment Daniel will primarily take over since he knows exactly what to do where as I do not. I don’t know what makes dry ice solid, but it will be cool to find out. Last, we will be making all ten of our experiments into a movie with a movie app that Daniel has to his computer and we hope to be able to show the whole class when we are finished with our project.

Photo by Robin Hutton
Photo by
Robin Hutton

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