My Progress

Image by Jen
Image by Jen: It’s a potato gun similar to the one Dan and I shot off

Daniel Leigh and I have been trying to do ten experiments in eight weeks and our progress was huge. Dan and I met on a Saturday afternoon and we decided to try out pop and mento’s, hairspray and a lighter, and the citrus fruit experiment. First, we tried pop and mento’s and since it was a windy day outside it was difficult since the pop kept spilling over, but we managed to get it to work and it went well. Next, we did the candle and citrus fruit experiment in Daniel’s bathroom in the dark and we found out that an orange holds more Limonene in its peel than any other citrus fruit. In fact, the lime didn’t even catch flame. All the juice did was squirt past the flame and hit the counter. After that, we tried the hairspray and lighter experiment with his dads supervision, but the flame kept going out and we decided to do the experiment a different day. Then, Daniel and his dad brought out a gigantic potato gun which is actually a fascinating reaction between a flame and a flammable chemical that Dan’s dad sprayed onto the potato gun and we also did an experiment to prove that if you tap the middle of a pop can after it has been shaken a bunch there is no eruption of bubbles from the pop and it loses its fizz. Next week we plan to experiment with slime, dry ice, and retry the pop and mento’s with different pops to see which pop will shoot the farthest. Even though we are doing three experiments on Sunday we are still thinking of more.




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